How can I enroll in BPI credit card billers?

So, you want to know How can I enroll in BPI credit card billers?

Log in to BPI Online and go to “Other Services”. Select “Manage Recipients”. Click on “Add New Recipient”. In the “Recipient” field, choose “Billers”. Select ‚ÄúBPI EXPRESS CARD CORP (BECC)‚Äù as the biller.

How can I pay my Globe postpaid bill online?

If you’re paying via credit card or GCash, you may also settle your Globe bill through our online bills payment service at For business and enterprise accounts, you may pay through your bank’s online payment facilities, via wire transfer or via

How to enroll Meralco in BPI?

Log in to BPI Online and go to ‚ÄúOther Services.‚Äù Select ‚ÄúManage Recipients.‚Äù Click on ‚ÄúAdd recipient.‚Äù Select Biller as the type of recipient. Select ‘Manila Electric Company. On the ‘Reference Number’, input your 10-digit Meralco Customer Account Number*. Confirm the details of your enrollment.

How can I register for smart in BPI online?

Log in to BPI Online at or in the BPI Mobile app. Click “Payments/Load” then click “Pay Bills”. Select “Pay Bills” tab and fill up the required details. Remember to select SMART in the “Pay to” drop down list.

How can I enroll in BPI credit card billers Related Questions

Can you enroll Biller BPI app?

Log in to BPI Online and go to “Other Services.” Select “Manage Recipients.” Click on “Add recipient.” Select Biller as the type of recipient.

How do I add billers to my bank account?

Steps to Add a Biller Log in to your internet banking using credentials provided by the bank. Add biller under the ‘ Bill payments tab’. Each bank will have a different tab. Like in axis bank Payments tab>Pay bills,>Add biller>Mutual funds.

How can I pay my Globe bill over the counter BPI?

Get a Deposit/Payment/Bills Purchase Form.* Write the date on the Date portion. Select Payment. Select Currency. Fill out the fields in the For Payments only section of the form. On the Policy/Plan/Reference No., write the Reference Number using the format:

How can I add my Globe bill?

Select your add-on, and click “Continue.” Choose “Enable Globe Telecom Billing”, and hit “Send.” Fill out your billing details, and click “Save.” Check your billing details and select “Accept” to confirm. Click “Buy”, and confirm your Google password.

How can I access my Globe bill?

STEP 1: Open the GlobeOne app and select the postpaid account you want to pay for. STEP 2: Check your bill on the account dashboard and tap the “Pay now” button. You may view your detailed bill by tapping “View breakdown” or simply tap “Download PDF” to get a copy of your current bill.

Can I pay Meralco bill in BPI online?

How do I pay my Meralco bill? Log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app and go to “Payments/Load.” Select “Pay Bills.” Fill in the details and select your enrolled Meralco bill.

Can I pay my Meralco bill using BPI online?

Your 10-digit Meralco Customer Account Number (CAN) can be found at the top and bottom part of your bill. Paying through BPI online banking or mobile banking app is free of charge.

How can I register Meralco bill?

Service ID No. Account name. Email address. Contact number.

How can I activate online transaction in BPI?

Log in to BPI Online or mobile app. Select “Other Services” and choose “Card Control” (under Cards). Select the card you will be using for online purchases. Turn on the E-Commerce access.* A One-Time PIN (OTP) will be sent. Type your OTP to activate E-Commerce access.

How can I register my Smart account?

Please visit your nearest Smart Shop with your phone number and ID. A verification of your call details will be performed. You will also need to sign a Declaration Letter.

How do I view my smart billing statement online?

Type on your browser. Register/Log in to your My Smart account using your Smart Postpaid mobile number or e-mail address and your password. Under My Balance, you will see your previous bill balance, current bill charges, total amount due, payment due date, and unbilled usage.

Can I pay bills with BPI online?

Log-in to BPI Online or the BPI Mobile App. 2. Under “Payments/Load”, select “Pay Bills” Under “Pay From” select the Credit Card that you want to use.

How to pay bills online?

It’s usually a simple process that you can complete through your online banking account or mobile banking app. Typically, you sign into your account, select the bill pay page and follow the steps as prompted. For each bill, you’ll likely need to enter some of the merchant or service provider’s information.

How do I enroll in E wallet beneficiary in BPI app?

Login via BPI Online. Go to menu and select “Other Services”. Select ‚ÄúManage Recipients‚Äù. Select ‚ÄúAdd recipient‚Äù. Select Prepaid Phone or Card as the type of recipient. Confirm the details of your enrollment, then click ‚ÄúConfirm‚Äù. Authenticate the transaction via One-Time PIN (OTP), then select ‚ÄúSubmit‚Äù. You’re done!

How do I add a biller?

In your home screen, you need to select Bill Presentment option. After clicking on the Bill Presentment option, select the Add Billers/Instant Pay option under the head My Billers option. In the next step, you need to select Mutual Funds and BSE Limited in the type of payments and move on to the next step.

Where can I find my biller account number?

It is usually available on the statement or invoice you are about to pay. If you have more than one account with the same biller, it ensures that the payment you are about to make gets credited to the correct account. Was this article helpful?

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