How to buy coc gems using smart load?

So, you want to know How to buy coc gems using smart load?

Go to the ‘Shop’ section of your Clash of Clan village and select Treasure. Choose among the available pack of gems that you would like to purchase. You will be redirected to the payment page. Click the amount at the upper right corner to know your payment options.

How to get 1,000 gems in Clash of Clans?

Destroying 5,000 towers earns you 1,000 Gems.

How to get unlimited gems in coc?

To start getting more resources automatically, simply enter your ID into the appropriate space on the app’s homepage, and the number of coins or gems you want to add to you account. Then, depending on the resource you’re trying to get, tap on either the ‘get coins’ or ‘get gems’ button to begin the validation process.

Does gem generator work?

You can try those gem generators but they won’t give you any gems. They are either a prank, a virus, or a trap to get your personal information. Do not get fooled. Supercell monitors your activity so if you try to hack the game, (which you obviously can’t) you will get banned.

How to buy coc gems using smart load Related Questions

How can I buy smart load wallet?

Smart Load retailers can replenish their load wallet at any of the following: Designated Provincial Distributors (PD) in the area either through its Distributor Sales Personnel or from the loading stations located in high foot traffic areas.

How many Gems is 1 day in COC?

Gems can be mined in the Gem Mine, which is in the Builder Base, though the process is slow, with a maximum production rate of 4.8 gems per day.

Can you buy COC Gems?

Yes, Clash of Clans is free to download and play. However, the game offers in-app purchases that allow players to buy gems, which can be used to speed up game progress and purchase other items.

What is the highest loot in COC?

By filling up all storages, Town Hall, and collectors, the attacker was able to find the loot of 2 million of gold and elixir, and 14 thousand of dark elixir.

Where can I sell my COC account?

Sell Your Clash of Clans Account on G2G! Become one of the thousands of sellers on the world’s best gaming online marketplace, G2G.

Can you have 2 gem boxes in COC?

You can only have 1 gem box at any time in a village. Clearing the Gem Box costs 1,000 Elixir, takes 30 seconds to clear and will give you 25 gems. The gem box is rare but in the recent update they made them more common.

Is there any cheat codes for CoC?

What is this? There is currently no active Clash Of Clans codes, check back here for regular updates as we keep regularly checking for any new codes.

Is there anyway to cheat in Clash of Clans?

While countless websites and YouTube videos claim to have a one-stop solution to hacking Clash of Clans, the reality of the situation is that the game cannot be hacked. Don’t be misled by comments on videos or sites promoting hacking.

Can we use cheat codes in CoC?

So to put it simply: No, you can’t use cheats in Clash of Clans.

Is gem mining real?

Across the United States there are dozens of public mining and digging sites packed with everything from diamonds and emeralds to jade and sunstone. The secret is knowing where to sink your shovel. Often called “rockhounding,” the search for gems and minerals has been popular for decades.

What is gem simulator?

The gem5 simulator is a modular platform for computer-system architecture research, encompassing system-level architecture as well as processor microarchitecture. gem5 is a community led project with an open governance model.

Is Gemrator safe?

The primary hazards to avoid when using a generator are carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, and fire. Follow the directions supplied with the generator. To avoid electrocution, keep the generator dry and do not use in rain or wet conditions.

Can I convert Smart load to cash?

‚ÄúConvert‚Äù Smart load to GCash: Type PASALAOD receiver’s 11-digit phone number and send it to 808. Such as for the load 0f PHP 50 on number 09203224349, type PASALAOD 09203224349 50, and send on 808. It’s complete!

How can I buy games using Smart load?

Open your preferred app. Choose your preferred in-app purchase. In the Google Play Pop-up, select “Smart Communications.” Confirm your purchase using Biometric Security or your Google Play password. A purchase confirmation will be sent to you through email and SMS.

How do I use my Smart load card?

Scratch off the protective ink covering the 14-digit PIN at the back of the top-up card. Dial 1510 + 14-digit PIN, then press the Call key. A voice prompt will confirm if the reload is successful.

How many gems is 24 hours?

How much one day of research cost if you buy it directly from the laboratory?

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