What is the country code of Hong Kong from Philippines?

So, you want to know What is the country code of Hong Kong from Philippines?

0 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of Philippines. 852 is the international code used to dial to Hong Kong. 27471888 is the local number you wrote.

How do I call long distance to Hong Kong?

Start by dialing 011 ‚Äî the U.S. and Canada exit code. Next, dial 852 ‚Äî the Hong Kong area code. Finally, dial the local Hong Kong number you’re trying to reach.

How do I make an international call from the Philippines?

To call a phone in another country, dial 011, and then the code for the country you are calling, the area or city code, and the phone number.

How do I dial a Hong Kong number from overseas?

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What is the country code of Hong Kong from Philippines Related Questions

How do I call a Chinese mobile from the Philippines?

First, dial International Direct Dialing (IDD) number to make an international call for example – 00. Then dial the Country Code to make a call. For example 00 91 (for India). Then dial the area code for the number you are dialing. Finally, dial telephone number you are calling.

What is the cell phone code for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Country Code 852 Country Code HK.

How many digits do Hong Kong phone numbers have?

Hong Kong’s telephone numbers comprise 8 numbers. Like in Australia, where all mobile numbers begin with ’04’, Hong Kong differentiates landlines from mobile numbers by having all landline numbers begin with the prefix ‘2’ or ‘3’. However, both landline and mobile numbers are 8-digits long.

How many digits is HK number?

Hong Kong phone numbers begin with the country dialing code, +852, followed by the national area code, 2 or 3 for landlines, and 5, 6, 7, or 9 for mobile numbers. Hong Kong numbers have 8 digits and are expressed as +852 [XXXXXXXX].

How do I call long distance from Manila?

Those outside the Philippines will have to do the following: Dial 00 + Country Code (63) + Area Code (2) + 8 digits landline number.

How do I dial long distance from my mobile?

Step 1: Check for Dial Tone. Pick up your phone’s receiver and check for a dial tone. Step 2: Dial 1 to Make a US Call. Step 3: Dial the Area Code & Number. Step 1: Check the Dial tone. Step 2: Input Country and City Code. Step 3: Dial the Phone Number.

Do you dial 1 for long distance?

You will continue to dial 1 + area code + telephone number for all long distance calls. You can still dial just three digits to reach 911 (emergency services) and 711 (relay services), as well as 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, or 811 where those services are available in your community.

Is +1 the same as 011?

You can use the ‚Äú+‚Äù symbol in place of ‚Äú011‚Äù if dialing from a cell phone. The ‚Äú+‚Äù sign is usually the same key as ‚Äú0‚Äù on a smartphone’s keypad. Some countries share a country code. For example, Canada, the United States, some places in the Caribbean, and Guam share ‚Äú1‚Äù as a country code.

How do I call Hong Kong from my Iphone?

Calling a Hong Kong Landline from the United States To call a Hong Kong landline from either a landline or mobile phone in the United States, first enter 011 on your phone’s keypad. This is the international access code for the U.S. Dial 852. Next, dial 852 on your keypad.

How do you dial a number in international format?

A phone number in full international format includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number.

Do I need to dial 011 to call China?

Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re going to make an international call. Dial 86, the country code for China. This lets your carrier know you’re going to call China from the US.

How can I call internationally for free in the Philippines?

Simply dial 08700 477 477 + 0063 + the local number Call 100s of countries, completely free!

How do I call Guangzhou from Philippines?

Start by dialing 011 – the exit code for the U.S. and Canada. Then dial 86 – the China country code. Thirdly, dial 20 — the Guangzhou area code. Conclude dialing by entering the local phone number.

What region code is Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Country Code 852 – Worldometer.

How do I call a Chinese phone number?

When calling a Chinese mobile number, you first need dial the international prefix number, and then dial 86, then the mobile number.

How do I call Hong Kong on WhatsApp?

Hong Kong Country Code WhatsApp +852.

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